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Maintenance Needs of a Concrete Pool

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Not all pools are created equal. And so are their maintenance needs. Getting a pool is all great. You swim and relax and maybe spend the most of your hours there. All is good under the sun. Until you notice debris that weren’t originally there are forming, and cracks are showing up on the side.  


Maintaining a pool will be costly, some more than the others. This is why considering the maintenance the pool will need before deciding on what type to get is crucial. Factor in not only the cost, but also the time needed to keep it in good condition. Nevertheless, here are some maintenance needs that a concrete type of pool requires. 


Concrete pools need the most number and most expensive maintenance compared to fiberglass and vinyl liner. These pools are not unfavorable. In fact, many pools are made from concrete. Only the maintenance part will cost you your money and time. But if it’s too late to change the pool or if you don’t mind the maintenance costs and time needed, then here are some of the things you need to keep in mind. 


  1. Chemistry 

You need to check and maintain the water’s chemistry every week. What’s tricky here is if the finish of your concrete pool is plaster because it can affect the alkaline levels of the water. Which means you need to bring in more effort in keeping it balanced. It is also best to add acid everyday. 

     2. Algae 

Green is good. But not in the pool. Algae grow when their conditions are met. If they are in the pool, you need to remove them by using a designated brush every week. Make sure you include the edges as they can be everywhere.  

     3. Other maintenance 

A concrete pool needs to be acid washed every 3 to 5 years. And only professionals can do this and will cost $400 or more. Then after 10 to 20 years, the surface or the entire pool will need to be redone. You will know the signs: pebbles are popping off, the plaster showing fading, and perhaps the most obvious one, tiles falling off.  

     4. Cleaning the pool 

Not everyone is up to this task. And it’s perfectly understandable especially if the pool is large. Some people might think that “cleaning the pool” is only getting rid of the leaves that fall on the surface. But it’s more than that. Think of when you do a general cleaning inside your house. That kind. Most people prefer the assistance of pool companies or professionals to do it for them especially during the swimming season. But they will always come in a hefty price. But if you ask for only some particular cleaning services, then it shouldn’t cost that much. Plus you’ll get the assurance that your pool is truly clean. 

     5. Filters and Pumps 

Extra effort will be required from your filter system and pumps if your pool is concrete. Concrete pools require 2 revolutions per day, while vinyl and fiberglass pools need only 1.  

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