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Moving can be very stressful no matter how many times you have already done it. That’s why it’s important that you make the experience as stress free as possible. Most of those who move make last minute decisions and they tend to leave and do the moving at the least convenient time instead doing some of the things in advance. Movers Asheville NC gives the best advice and the checklist that you need that you should remember before you move to a new house.


Skip all the cardboard boxes

Using cardboard boxes to move and pack your stuff is not an ideal way to pack. This is because it’s sturdy, there is only limited stuff you can into it, it’s not eco-friendly, it’s expensive and once it gets wet, you might not be able to use it again. The best choice is to recycle and recycle your sturdy plastic boxes that you may have in your garage. In this way you can make sure that you are lessening your use of cardboard plus it can be great and easy way to not stack up all your storage plastic boxes by filling them with some stuff.

Learn how to package smartly

One of the hardest part of moving is packing- especially when you have a lot of stuff. It will take you hours and hours to pick which you are going to carry with you, which to leave and which to donate. It can be draining and hard to keep on packing and packing and even more draining and hard to choose which to pack. Remember to only bring that is necessary and what you can’t live without. If it’s something that you’ve had for so long but you feel like won’t be of any use to you, get rid of it. You can always buy something new that is similar to it. Remember that you still have unpack everything that you packed so pack smartly.

Don’t bring all of your closet

The closet is a hard place to get your stuff to pack it. Just thinking about it and thinking off peeling them off from their hangers and into a suffocating place and getting them all wrinkly is so tiring even just thinking about it. What you can do to this is to contact professional movers and then you can for wardrobe boxes that will not only save you time from ironing from your clothes.

Haul the basics first

When your movers finally arrive, make sure that you’re hauling the most important and the basic necessities. Take the basic supplies first before all of the other stuff. Pack your toothbrush, a pajama set, a snack and your toiletries in a separate bag and make sure that you bring it with you so you can use with on the first days in your home where you can easily locate them. It will help bring a little normalcy in spite of the chaotic boxes located everywhere.

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